Barb's Beer Emporium
249 Sheep Davis Road
Concord NH 03301

Barb’s Beer Emporium hooks us up with what’s hot in hops these days

By Tim Goodwin / Insider Staff
November 12, 2013

Insider disclaimer: you must be at least 21 years old to read this.

Barbs BeerBecause if you want to enjoy anything about to be discussed, you must be of legal drinking age. This is about beer, folks, and lots of it.

In recent years, the craft beer revolution has changed the way most of us view a frosty beverage. It seems like every time Barbs Beer 2you approach a beer aisle, there is another new flavor changing the adult beverage landscape.

So if you’re one who enjoys trying new delicious beers, then Barb’s Beer Emporium will have just what you’re looking for. And probably something you aren’t.

Owner Barb Lambert gets a new beer in almost every week and then it’s a matter of seeing how well it sells. Lambert stopped selling beers like Bud, Coors, Miller and Michelob because she wanted to focus more on the craft beers.

Since moving to her current location on Sheep Davis Road in 2010, Lambert has seen the craft beer market explode like a well shaken brew you give to an unsuspecting friend. And if she can get it from a distributor, it likely has a home on one Barbs Beer 3of her many shelves.

“I would say in the last two years, the brewers have been diligent in bringing in much more beer,” said Lambert. “If it’s in the warehouse here in the state, I can get it.”

With the change of seasons and breweries switching over to their winter beers, Lambert is starting to see an influx of stouts and porters after a fall that featured things like New Hampshire’s own Woodstock Autumn Ale and many variety of hard ciders and pumpkin beers flying off the shelves.

“The ciders are huge right now,” said Lambert.

Barbs Beer 4But when it comes to consistency, the IPAs are the big sellers. On the local scene, Smuttynose leads the charge with its Finestkind IPA and Big A IPA, while national brands like Founders, Lagunitas, Rogue and Dogfish are ones that constantly need restocking.

“As far as what’s trending right now, is the IPAs,” said Lambert. “People like those unique hop flavors.”

Lambert also offers a variety of gluten free beers, a far cry from a few years ago when there were only a couple on the market.

“There’s a lot of people on gluten free diets,” said Lambert. “And they want something that compares more to a beer and what they enjoy.”

In addition to six packs, Barb’s also sells 22 ounce bottles and has a cooler dedicated to making your own six packs, where customers can mix and match as they please.

“It gives them samples of their favorite styles,” said Lambert. “I also have people that come in and buy a single, like when they’re cooking and need that one special beer.”

Lambert also hosts free tastings each Thursday night. And as for the busiest time for picking up your favorite beer, Lambert said it from Wednesday after work right through the weekend.